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Control measure

Consider requesting and mobilising National Resilience assets

Control measure knowledge

Fire and rescue services should be aware of National Resilience capabilities. This should include an understanding of the arrangements contained in the national frameworks, which should in turn ensure participation in mutual aid and access to resources such as high volume pumps (HVPs) and HVP tactical advisers.

Refer to National Operational Guidance: Operations for information on how to request and mobilise National Resilience assets. Further information concerning HVPs and HVP tactical advisers is available on the National Resilience website.

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Pre-plan for using HVPs in wildfire risk areas to ensure effective deployment, with consideration given to:

    • Access routes
    • Water supplies
    • Hard standing
    • Parking and turning areas
    • Routes for hose lines
  • Consider consulting with the nearest HVP tactical adviser when pre-planning and developing tactical plans for the deployment of HVPs for wildfires

Tactical actions

Incident commanders should:
  • Give early consideration to requesting HVPs
  • Consider requesting a HVP tactical adviser
  • Give careful consideration to how, when and where to deploy HVPs, taking into account predicted fire behaviour and firespread