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Community Risk

The Community Risk Programme (CRP) is one part of the NFCC’s improvement programme and is helping to deliver the ambitions set out in the NFCC Strategy. The outcome of the Programme will be a set of standardised tools for fire and rescue services that will enable consistent identification, assessment and mitigation strategies for community risks.

The key benefit of the programme will be a standardised approach to community risk management across the UK, which will in turn lead to reductions in variability, centralisation and comparability of data and a baseline for continuous improvement. We know that we cannot single-handedly deliver the intended benefits, but our work will form a key part to enabling change and help us meet the strategic aims of the NFCC.

We plan to baseline the data available and then compare it to data at specific and on-going points in the future to help understand the impact of the programme and to provide evidence of its contribution.

The programme has commenced project delivery. All products developed through the Community Risk Programme will be available here.

Community Risk products