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Sandbox session

The first of the engagement events was a sandbox session that brought together 20 people from a range of public and private organisations to discuss what a digital programme for the FRS could look like. This event covered high-level topics ranging from developing a data culture within the FRS to why a digitally skilled FRS is beneficial and how and over what timeframe it could be achieved. Takeaways from the sandbox event and prior research enabled the project to define three high-level core problems to shape the focus and structure our discovery phase.

Core problems:

  1. We don’t know what digital transformation is taking place in each fire and rescue service
  2. We don’t think we’re making the most of all the data that we have 
  3. We don’t know what a digitally transformed fire and rescue service should look like in the future

We know that these three digital and data-related problems could apply to any organisation, but we are focused on fire and rescue service specific problems. We are also aware that there are potential disruptors that could affect fire and rescue services in the future, such as emerging technologies that affect behaviours and interactions by and with the public. Horizon scanning is therefore an important aspect of the DDP’s work.