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Problem 3: We don’t know what a digitally transformed fire and rescue service should look like in the future

The NFCC needs to watch the changing environment carefully to understand potential future developments and what they might offer. The uncertainty leads those in digital transformation circles to call this a “fuzzy picture” and research into future states will be a useful source of reference for development work. This ensures that, in so far as is possible, the work of the DDP aligns with an understanding of what the future is likely to hold. 

The DDP is establishing an Expert Panel made up of digital and data experts from across academia and the public and private sectors to challenge our thinking, test ideas and horizon scan the ever changing landscape and the impact it could have on the fire and rescue service. We also know that ICT managers and data analysts in fire and rescue services have experience and networks that could be of great use.

The NFCC is not alone in this journey and is seeking to learn from others wherever possible. In particular, the DDP is learning from the experience of the police which shared and responded to many of the same challenges through the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) Digital Policing Portfolio. 

Both the chair of the Expert Panel and the former Director of the Digital Policing Portfolio are represented on the DDP board as key advisors.