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Summary and conclusions

The discovery phase has uncovered a wide range of ideas and a great deal of enthusiasm to evolve the way the fire and rescue services leverage digital and data technology to improve its service. When consolidating all that has been learnt, several general improvement themes emerge: 

  • greater data sharing between local fire and rescue services
  • unlocking efficiencies through national analytics on larger datasets
  • improving data quality and maximising analysis outcomes through data standards 
  • increasing access to new and existing national datasets to unlock further insight 
  • establishing a data culture within the fire and rescue services so that how, and why, data is used is always considered, right from the initial stages of data collection.

The next step for the DDP is to prioritise and test the established project outcomes with key stakeholders. Further research and scoping will then be required to define each of the projects and understand the costs and resources required to deliver their outputs and enable the culture change across the service that is fundamental to achieving the DDP’s outcomes. 

The discovery process does not end here. Discovery is a continuous process of learning from others and understanding changes and future trends in the digital landscape that should be considered. This process will continue across the life of the programme.