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Branches without control facilities

The standard type of branch and nozzle has been used for many years in fire and rescue services. However, with technological advancement, the majority of fire and rescue services now use various configurations of modern types of hand-controlled branches. It is worth noting that there may still be areas in the sector where this type of equipment remains in use.

Branches with control facilities

There are many different patterns of hand-controlled branch in use by fire and rescue services, all designed to enable branch operators to control or change in one way or another the formation of the water stream by the operation of levers, triggers or various forms of attachment. With most hand-controlled branches, the pattern of the water stream can be changed from a jet to a diffused spray or vice versa, or to stop the flow altogether.

Hose reel branches

Fire and rescue services use many different types of hose reel branch, which have the dual-purpose function of providing either a straight jet or a spray that can be adjusted by the operator to give a dense mist of fine intensity or coarse spray. With some models, both jet and spray can be used.