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Risk management planning

Fire and rescue service integrated risk management plans should consider environmental risk. They should identify and assess

  • Potential pollution sources
  • The sensitivity and vulnerability of the local environment.

Factors to consider include:

  • Impact on:
    • Public and private water abstraction points
    • Aquifers
    • Bathing water, fisheries and other recreational uses of water
    • Nature conservation sites, such as SSSIs
    • Other uses of water, for example, agriculture
    • Pathways the pollutant will follow using drainage plans and control options, such as the type and location of pollution prevention systems

A basic understanding of environmental science will help fire and rescue services prioritise environmental protection work and help them to incorporate environmental risk into risk management planning and site specific risk plans. See Section 1.2, Environmental Protection Handbook.

A template has been prepared to complete an environmental risk assessment.