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Control measure

Safe system of work: Molten materials

Control measure knowledge

Molten metal

Molten metal should not be cooled using water unless it has solidified, and this action is approved by the responsible person or specialist advice. It should also not be allowed to come into contact with standing pools of water.

It may be possible to channel or block the path of molten metals using kiln dried sand or similar; this may be available on site. In most circumstances it is best to allow the material to cool and move objects out of its way. This may involve establishing exclusion zones around the metal and its projected path.

Molten glass

Molten glass can be channelled by cooling the edges of the flow using a fine water spray, causing it to harden and changing its path.

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Carry out pre-planning site visits and inspections to gain risk information regarding industrial sites which have molten materials

Tactical actions

Incident commanders should:
  • Liaise with the responsible person or specialist adviser, for information about the molten materials involved

  • Identify the projected path of molten materials and take precautions to limit damage if safe to do so

  • Establish cordons and exclusion zones around molten materials

  • Allow molten metal to cool naturally wherever possible

  • Consider the use of kiln dried sand or similar to channel molten metal

  • Use fine water sprays to cool molten glass to channel the flow