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Terminology in this guidance

Due to the wide range of contexts that fall under the term 'industry', various terms are used in this guidance to describe those contexts. This list shows examples of the types of industry that are covered by them.


Examples of industry

Manufacturing, processing and engineering


Production sites

Processing sites

Engineering workshops

Mines and quarries

Laboratories and research centres


Commercial and business



Wholesale and retail sites


Service industry

Places of assembly and entertainment

Restaurants, public houses, bars and clubs

Cinemas and theatres

Libraries, museums and art galleries

Heritage buildings

Theme parks and fairgrounds

Places of worship

Places of education

Conference and exhibition centres

Arenas and stadiums

Festival sites

Leisure facilities

Zoos, wildlife parks, aquariums and circuses

Commercial accommodation

Accommodation for paying guests, typically on a temporary basis. Accommodation may be self-contained (with its own kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities) or may include meals and a laundry service.

Hotels, hostels and boarding houses

Holiday villages, caravan and camping sites

Residential schools

University halls of residence

Medical facilities

Hospitals and clinics

Care homes and nursing homes

Morgues and funeral directors

Blood banks and donor facilities

Animal facilities

Veterinary clinics

Kennels and catteries

Equine facilities

Livestock farms


Zoos, wildlife parks, aquariums and circuses

Laboratories and research centres

Agricultural sites

Arable farms


Crop storage

Fishing (marine and freshwater)


Waste sites

Recycling sites

Anaerobic digestion sites


Public amenity sites

Construction sites

Construction sites

Demolition sites

Nuclear decommissioning sites

Military and defence establishments and shooting clubs

Military establishments

Defence establishments

Munitions storage

Shooting clubs

Firing ranges

Lawful detention facilities


Police cells

Detention centres

High security medical facilities