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Strategic co-ordinating groups

Control measure knowledge

At a major incident the co-ordination of multi-agency resources will be the most effective way of resolving the situation. All emergency planning groups are required to have arrangements for the strategic coordinating groups. These groups are established at a pre-agreed strategic coordination centre (SCC) and comprised of strategic leaders from all the response and recovery agencies that are or may become involved. In this guidance we refer to these as co-ordinating groups. Such a group, operating under the auspices of the Civil Contingencies Act and Framework (or devolved equivalent) and with the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles at the centre of their thinking and actions will ensure the best possible response to and recovery from the incident, enhancing public and responder safety and improving the outcomes. A co-ordinating group will usually be chaired and managed by the police strategic commander but may be led by other agencies as appropriate depending on the nature of the incident. This group will also co-ordinate any requests for national assets, including military assistance. They will also ensure that both the response and recovery phases of the incident are given equal importance and the transition is managed effectively.

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Identify, train, exercise and equip personnel to operate in a strategic co-ordinating environment, in line with National Operational Guidance: Incident command 

  • Ensure that strategic commanders are familiar with co-ordinating group establishment and ways of working, and that they can support the establishment and continuation of a co-ordinating group for as long as is necessary

  • Ensure that strategic commanders who are sent to a co-ordinating group have an appropriate level of authority to make decisions on behalf of their organisation

Tactical actions

At the strategic co-ordinating group, commanders should:
  • Delegate appropriate actions to tactical incident commanders to deliver the groups’ objectives

Tactical incident commanders should:
  • Carry out delegated actions to deliver co-ordinating groups’ objectives