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Control measure

National Co-ordination and Advisory Framework (NCAF) and mutual aid arrangements

Control measure knowledge

The National Coordination and Advisory Framework (NCAF) co-ordinates fire and rescue service National Resilience assets. Home Office (HO) National Resilience and Fire Directorate (NRFD) and the Office of Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) work with other government departments, partner organisations and devolved administrations during no notice and rising tide major incidents to provide policy advice, ministerial briefings, co-ordination across government and management of communications. NCAF enables decision makers, both locally and nationally, to receive clear and unambiguous advice on how best to co-ordinate the fire and rescue service response to relevant emergencies.

Further information can be found in The National Coordination and Advisory Framework (NCAF) England and the Supporting Guidance to NCAF.

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Integrate NCAF fully into response strategies and arrangements

  • Train and exercise for responding to major and complex incidents incorporating NCAF arrangements

Tactical actions

At the strategic co-ordinating group, commanders should:
  • Seek appropriate advice from tactical advisers to establish resource requirements

  • Implement the NCAF arrangements

  • Identify and agree the establishment of multi and single agency strategic holding areas using specific functional officers