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Civil emergencies

Hazard Knowledge

Local responders work within a common framework based on the structure provided by their government or devolved administration through the relevant legislation (see Table 1: Legislation matrix). They make their own decisions in the light of local circumstances and priorities about what planning arrangements are appropriate in their areas.

Civil protection arrangements need to be integrated both within and between Category 1 and 2 responders or reciprocal arrangements for Northern Ireland. They should also be conducted according to a practical doctrine beginning with anticipation and assessment of risk to enable effective response and recovery arrangements.

Although the military and voluntary organisations are not classified as category 1 or 2 responders under the CCA, they may have an important role to play in responding to a major incident. As part of the work of the local emergency planning groups, they should be invited to take part in planning, training, awareness, testing and exercising wherever possible. This will ensure that voluntary organisations are aware of and work within the relevant command structures maintaining assertive, safe and effective operations.