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Evaluating and allocating operational learning

Evaluation board 

The Operational Learning Strategic Lead should lead a board of appropriate people, including the SPoC along with representation from personnel who have sufficient knowledge, skills and competence to analyse the outcomes from operational learning activities received, determining where and how it may affect their fire and rescue service and how it might affect other UK fire and rescue services.

This board may already exist or will already be a part of the functions of other Fire and Rescue Services management activities or processes.

In completing their evaluation, the evaluation board should consider the potential for:

  • Serious, or multiple minor, injuries
  • Immediate or long-term ill-health.
  • Significant operational improvements, including in firefighter health and safety
  • Impact on the service to the public
  • Enforcement action, for example, by the Health and Safety Executive or the appropriate environmental agency
  • Significant financial or reputational loss