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Control measure

Control measure knowledge

Enhanced Information Service for Emergency Calls (EISEC) or caller line identification (CLI) enables fire control room operators to confirm the caller's location swiftly. This is a critical first step in the call handling process, since the line could be 'cut', leaving the location unknown. EISEC technology provided by call handling agencies allows the billing address of the phone from which emergency calls are being made to be displayed to the control room operator. This speeds up the information process. This technology can also be used to locate the whereabouts of mobile phone callers, identifying the cell network from which they are calling. This is particularly useful when callers are reporting incidents on the road network and are unaware of their exact location.

Caller line identification will improve efficiency to help and minimise dialogue between the control room operator and the caller. This will in turn strengthen the 'speed and accuracy', dimension of resilience, enabling fire control room operators to reach the point of mobilising resources more effectively. (DCLG Future Control Room Services Scheme September 2013, Annex E, Page 65)

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Consider using EISEC/CLI location information. When a call is received, the EISEC/CLI instantly gives the control room operator location information that can be used as a guide to the potential location of the emergency. This aids the fast mobilisation of resources.

Tactical actions

There are no tactical actions associated with this control measure.