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Control measure
Control the hazard

Control measure knowledge

See National Operational Guidance: Incident command - Incident ground safety management

Safe systems of work

Incident commanders should implement safe systems of work identified by service risk assessment, procedures and training. The selected safe system of work should be based on the outcome of a dynamic risk assessment taking account of available resources and competencies.


Having a structure of supervision should ensure that the presence of hazards and identified control measures are communicated and implemented to ensure the safety of those operating on the incident ground. The use of sectorisation and functional roles at an incident should be implemented to ensure an appropriate and effective level of supervision.

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Identify from pre-planning any hazards that can be controlled using safe systems of work and supervision
  • Have procedures for the safe management of incidents that include communication and supervision

Tactical actions

Incident commanders should:
  • Select appropriate actions by applying the decision control process to the information gathered, avoiding decision traps
  • Establish an incident command structure appropriate to the likely size and complexity of the incident considering sectors, functions, command support and tactical advisers
  • Appoint competent safety officers to monitor specific hazards or activities