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Control measure
Position fire and rescue service vehicles safely

Control measure knowledge

The risk of collisions should be minimised when personnel are moving fire and rescue service vehicles by considering: 

  • Invoking speed restrictions  
  • Wearing high visibility clothing   
  • Appointing a traffic marshal (known as a ‘banksman’)  
  • Establishing a marshalling sector  
  • Communicating with other emergency responders 

Fire and rescue service vehicles should be parked facing in the direction of the identified escape route, considering: 

  • The development of the incident  
  • Potential changes in weather conditions 
  • The use of barriers that may provide protection 

Avoid parking vehicles: 

  • Where they may block an access, egress or escape route 
  • In areas of flammable vegetation or fuel 
  • Upslope and downwind of the fire 
  • Under power lines or tree canopies 

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Provide suitable equipment and PPE for personnel marshalling vehicles

Tactical actions

Incident commanders should:
  • Consider taking steps to minimise the risk of collisions 

  • Park fire and rescue service vehicles in an appropriate position