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Control measure

Extricate the casualty

Control measure knowledge

A number of control measures may need to be implemented depending on the location of the casualty, their condition and the equipment and resources available and used.

Secondary hazards identified in making the inner cordon safer may previously have been managed, but may need to be considered further where interaction is required to carry out extrication of the casualty as a result of moving, manipulating, cutting or working in closer vicinity of the secondary hazard and so on.

It is also likely that secondary hazards not previously identified will become apparent during an extrication.

Refer to the control measures in the following sections of this guidance:

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Provide personnel with training in a range of extrication techniques based on local risk

Tactical actions

Incident commanders should:
  • Develop and communicate immediate release, emergency and full extrication plans

  • Carry out any rescues or lifesaving actions

  • Implement a co-ordination process for fire survival guidance being given by fire control
  • Deploy personnel with suitable equipment to rescue casualties based on information and risk
  • Consider extrication methods which do not require the use of tools or equipment

  • Consider benefits to casualty of immediate extrication or medical attention in-situ

  • Extricate the casualty considering their injuries and overall threat to life