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Control measure

Know the capabilities and uses of rescue equipment

Control measure knowledge

Transport incidents are usually complex and a wide range of materials will have been involved in construction. Working at transport incidents will often involve the use of specialist equipment. The type of equipment and the hazards involved will vary but typically may include:

  • Potential injury from failure of equipment causing collapse or sudden movement of loads under pressure
  • Cuts, nip, trap or entanglement hazards from the moving parts of equipment
  • Excessive noise and/or vibration.
  • Damage to high-pressure hydraulic or pneumatic systems involved with cutting or spreading tools can cause soft tissue injuries
  • Burns from hot and/or cold components
  • Accidental ignition of fuels

Refer to the Extrication - Generic - Tools section, for details of the control measures that apply when considering the capabilities and use of rescue equipment.

Tactical actions

There are no tactical actions associated with this control measure.