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Control measure

National Resilience: Carry out a wide area assessment (ASR level 1)

Control measure knowledge

Fire and rescue service initial responders may have carried out initial actions prior to the arrival of urban search and rescue (USAR) teams, for example reconnaissance and survey, elimination of utilities, primary surface search.

However, assessment, search and rescue (ASR) level 1 is an initial, rapid preliminary survey carried out by specialist responders of an assigned area for the purpose of:

  • Determining the scope, nature and scale of the incident
  • Identifying the exact location and types of damage
  • Estimating the immediate USAR resource needs
  • Establishing priorities
  • Identifying general hazards
  • Identifying any infrastructure or access issues
  • Identifying potential USAR forward operating locations

Strategic actions

National Resilience should:
  • Provide USAR guidance material and supporting documentation for completion by specialist responders

Tactical actions

Specialist responders should:
  • Liaise with the incident commander and initial responders when carrying out a wide area assessment

  • Remain mobile and not engage in rescue operations during a wide area assessment

  • Report the results as quickly as possible, using a 'USAR 04 Wide Area Assessment Form'