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Control measure

Use geological monitoring equipment

Control measure knowledge

There may be occasions when the unstable or collapsed structure may be affected by some form of geological movement. This is rare in the UK but similar types of ground movement within the substrata in and around the area of an unstable structure could occur.

The reasons for this movement may not be known and may not be noticeable, but the history of the initial cause of the structure's instability or collapse may indicate a need to be aware of potential ground movement. For example, in areas of known mining, the cause may be assigned to the collapse of old workings and therefore the possibility of further movement will need to be considered.

Urban search and rescue (USAR) tactical advisors will have some knowledge of the equipment available for monitoring ground movement, i.e. geological monitoring, but access to this type of highly specialist equipment will be limited. Some external specialists, such as Mines Rescue, will have access to or knowledge of geological monitoring equipment. It may be appropriate to consider using this type of equipment and service, especially in the case of protracted incidents, but it will take time to source and implement.

Strategic actions

Fire and rescue services should:
  • Identify contacts who may be able to provide geological monitoring at incidents involving collapsed structures, such as urban search and rescue (USAR) tactical advisors and Mines Rescue

Tactical actions

Incident commanders should:
  • Consider requesting geological monitoring equipment in consultation with urban search and rescue (USAR) tactical advisors