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We would like to invite you to take part in this consultation on the NFCC Supervisory Leadership Development Programme (SLDP), which will be launched in August 2022. Although most questions are targeted at HR/OD staff, we welcome all feedback.

The overall purpose of a national SLDP is to achieve consistent development of our first line leaders across FRSs, measured against the NFCC Leadership Framework, Core Learning Pathways and the Core Code of Ethics

Supervisory leadership is a critical point in a person’s career where they begin to develop their leadership styles. Fostering positive behaviours born out of self-analysis have a transformative effect on these individuals and leadership within the fire sector. Having a nationally agreed standard and consistent development programme at this level would create a standardised leadership pipeline and highlight those with high potential at this early stage.

Any questions regarding this consultation please contact Jane Cork via email 

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