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How to use this toolkit

New apprenticeships standards have replaced the previous apprenticeship frameworks across all sectors. They have been developed in conjunction with National Operational Guidance and National Occupational Standards.  

There are five fire specific apprenticeship standards available for use and one under development, along with many other apprenticeships for other occupational sectors that form part of a FRS workforce.

This toolkit will support senior staff, training managers and other FRS strategists to understand what is required of their service in order to deliver apprenticeships, why apprenticeships are valuable to a modern service, and how to establish an apprenticeship programme to suit the needs of each individual service. An apprenticeship programme embedded across different services will increase the co-operation of interservice transfers and efficiency and sustainability of staff training, mobility and recruitment.

The toolkit is not a set of rules but a guide to aid decision making and planning, with signposts to relevant websites for additional details.

Senior FRS managers, training managers and trainers will find the toolkit useful to help develop and deliver appropriate apprenticeships for staff.