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Procurement framework

The NFCC agreed to work with YPO (Yorkshire Procurement Office), who are in a position to provide a fluid dynamic framework with the resources and infrastructure required. The framework in place can provide UK wide, regional and local opportunities, and can provide standard templates and guidance for use by Fire and Rescue Services. The framework can also support collaboration across different FRSs, as and when appropriate.

It is free to register with YPO as a supplier and work is ongoing towards all RoATP providers among fire services to get listed on the YPO framework.

Services with an account can access training providers through the YPO procurement framework for apprenticeships and associated training from a range of local and national suppliers.

The fire sector apprenticeships are each on the portal:

The Levy

Larger organisations with an annual payroll of over £3 million must pay the apprenticeship levy each month, charged at 0.5% of the annual pay bill, which can be offset by training and assessing apprentices. The government will top up the funds in an employer account by 10%, if the employer does not have enough in the account to meet the costs of a specific apprenticeship, up to the maximum funding band allocation for that programme.

Employers with a smaller wage bill who do not pay the levy only contribute 5% of the costs towards training and assessing an apprentice, with the government paying the rest of the costs up to the funding band maximum. Any costs over the funding bands below will be paid by the employer.

Funding bands

Each apprenticeship programme is allocated to one of 30 funding bands, which range from £1,500 to £27,000, with the upper limit setting the maximum amount an employer paying the levy can use towards an individual apprenticeship.  

Below are the funding bands in 2020 for the fire standards, subject to review and revision:

Operational Firefighter £14,000
Business Fire Safety Adviser £2,500
Community Safety Adviser £3,500
Emergency Service Contact Handling £9,000
Fire Safety Inspector £8,000
Fire Engineer TBC with course in development

Details about funding bands from the Institute for Apprentices