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Control measure
Safe system of work: High-voltage electricity


Knowledge and understanding

Control measure element Learning outcome

Apply safe systems of work for high-voltage electricity


  • The hazards associated with high-voltage electricity 
  • The process to be followed to isolate high-voltage electricity 
  • How to recognise high-voltage systems 
  • The appropriate distances to work from high-voltage systems and how conditions will affect these distances 
  • The techniques used when firefighting within proximity of live high-voltage electrical systems 
  • The considerations prior to performing activities in close proximity of transmission towers 
  • How smoke may be affected by electricity 
  • The safe systems of work required when working near live high-voltage electrical systems 
  • When it is appropriate to perform the rescue of a casualty who is within 5m of high-voltage electricity 
  • The steps to be taken when performing rescues of a casualties who are within 5m of high-voltage electricity

Practical application

Control measure element Learning outcome

Apply safe systems of work for electricity

Demonstrate the ability to: 

  • Request isolation of high-voltage electricity from the appropriate operator 
  • Obtain advice from electricity supplier before accessing electrical equipment 
  • Apply safe systems of work when working in the vicinity of electrical sources and equipment 
  • Establish appropriate exclusion zones around high-voltage electricity systems  
  • Follow the rescue flow chart contained in the Energy Networks Association’s Safety Information for the Fire Service