Hazard Knowledge


Access to areas of non-building and temporary structures may be difficult, as they are not designed for human occupancy. This presents a risk not only in gaining access to the scene of operations but also in maintaining safe egress routes for crews.

In some cases, the actual space within or on these structures is very limited, with the minimum room allowed for installation and maintenance. Casualties may actually be employees who, depending on their condition, may have the best information on specific mechanical and electrical issues.

Large numbers of casualties may be present, particularly in structures designed for public use, such as roller coaster and fairground rides.

Access to and egress from these structures may be via a single route, such as in wind turbines. In these cases, there is sometimes an escape hatch that can be used in conjunction with rope equipment for an emergency exit. Where an alternative emergency/escape route is not integral to the structure, incident commanders may need to rule out committing personnel.