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by the NFCC

NFCC Governance

The leadership of the NFCC comprises a full time Chair, two Vice Chairs and the chairs of the NFCC committees. The Chair is elected by the membership in line with the NFCC Operating Principles. The Chair is supported by two Vice Chairs who are serving Chief Fire Officers/Chief Executives and who fulfil this role on a pro bono basis. The NFCC committees are led by serving Chief Fire Officers/Chief Executives.

All Chief Fire Officers/Chief Executives are members of the NFCC Council. This is a decision-making body and meets quarterly.



Strategic Engagement Forum

The CPO portfolio relies on continued engagement and consultation, as appropriate, from across the sector. For each project within the programmes, the stakeholders that need to be involved will be identified from both inside and outside of the sector. 

To assist this consultative approach, the Strategic Engagement Forum (SEF) is now in place and is chaired by CFO Mick Crennell from Avon Fire and Rescue Serivce. It’s purpose is to support the CPO by soliciting a wide range of views about the work of the programmes, providing valuable scrutiny and insight before products are signed off by the NFCC governance. Representative bodies, fire sector organisations and appropriate private sector organisations are members and the forum meets at least three times per year.