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Developed and maintained
by the NFCC

NFCC Strategic Improvement Model (SIM)

The NFCC has developed the Strategic Improvement Model (SIM) to help inform its annual strategic planning process. 

The SIM enables us to analyse the commentary and recommendations about fire and rescue services performance at a national level. It leads to an evaluation of the issues behind the recommendations for improvement being made. Alongside considerations such as the changing environment services operate in, the political landscape, funding available and the risks being faced, the analysis enables the NFCC to make informed evidenced based decisions about its national programme of work and priorities. 

The model follows a multi-stage process:

  • Initially, commentary and recommendations made to the fire and rescue service by external parties are identified, collated and mapped. Areas of concern or issues are grouped under a range of  improvement themes.
  • Horizon scanning is undertaken to look at the wider environment in which FRSs are working within. This is done using a PESTLE analysis. 
  • Strategic risks to services and the NFCC inform the SIM. 
  • From all of this analysis the NFCC can establish its priorities for national work
  • Finally, as products, tools and solutions are created, rolled out and implemented by services, benefits realisation helps us to assess whether the products developed have met the needs of services and that information is fed back into the SIM.