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The cornerstone of all Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) prevention work has been how services can prevent fire, fire fatalities and serious injuries in the home setting. This is where the majority of fire fatalities occur and remains the primary focus for the sector’s prevention efforts. 
This document sets out the background of the sector’s prevention work in the home and introduces the Person-Centred Framework (PCF) for the Home Fire Safety Visit (HFSV). At the centre of this work is a strong desire to reflect the proposed reforms set out in Reforming Our Fire and Rescue Service to strengthen the sectors focus on prevention.

This framework document supports all FRS to deliver a standardised and evidence-based approach to a person-centred HFSV. The PCF has been developed by the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) in consultation with UKFRS and with the support of the Home Office. The NFCC recognises the need for further collaboration with the sector and its partners to develop the PCF further.  
NFCC believes that at the core of FRS prevention work is the explicit aim to reduce fire risk; to do this the individual or community must be at the centre of all that we do. 
NFCC has endorsed a person-centred approach to prevention (2018)  which encourages FRS to work in partnership with others to address the underlying causes of fire fatalities and injuries. The development of the PCF supports FRS to meet the Fire Standards Board’s prevention standard which was issued on 30/07/2021. The prevention standard requires all English to adopt a person-centred approach that places the individual and the community it serves at the core of its prevention activity. 

This document is presented in three parts, part one sets out the overview and background to the steps taken to develop the PCF through consultation with the sector, part two presents the PCF and part three outlines the recommendations and next steps that the NFCC will take to support FRS to adopt the PCF. 
Attached to the PCF are two guidance documents, annex 1. The Core Components of the Home Fire Safety Visit and annex 2. The Theory of Change and Logic Model.  

NFCC Correspondence to all Chief Fire Officers, January 2019