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Supervision of breathing apparatus entry control points

The BA entry control point supervisor provides a greater degree of control and co-ordination between:

  • Incident command
  • Incident sectors
  • Additional BA entry control points
  • Other agencies, which could include additional fire and rescue services

The person appointed to this role should have the appropriate level of managerial authority, training and experience to ensure that they can effectively manage the required resources dictated by the incident plan.

The BA entry control point supervisor will perform co-ordination and logistical tasks associated with BA entry control point operations. This should enable the BA entry control operative to focus on the monitoring of BA wearers deployed within the hazard area.

BA entry control point supervisor responsibilities include:

  • Regularly updating the incident commander, operations commander or sector commander on BA operations undertaken from the BA entry control point
  • Ensuring that a co-ordinated search is carried out in liaison with the search co-ordinator, and that a record is kept of areas that have been searched or require searching
  • Ensuring that sufficient, fully equipped BA emergency teams are equipped and standing by at the BA entry control point
  • Supervising BA communications for the BA entry control point