Consultation closed

The Service Integration Tool consultation is now closed. Thank you for your responses, which are now being analysed and considered by our project team. We will send out a follow up message with further information  about the Service Integration Tool in the coming weeks.

We have received some great questions in response to the Service Integration Tool specification consultation. In response to your queries, we have put together a document to help provide greater clarity on the costings and the options available to your service.

Whether you chose to take on the product as a service, region or otherwise, the key takeaway is that there are a number of adoption options and possibilities available at varying cost.

At this stage, the primary purpose of the consultation is to identify which model of adoption is most of interest to your service and when you feel you would be ready and able to take it on.

Once this information is known, the development team will be able to determine the optimal and most cost-effective delivery model, which may vary between services. No commitment to financial expenditure is required for this survey - our goal is to support you at the price you need to be supported at.

To give you enough time to digest this information we will be extending the survey deadline by one week to midday on Monday 20 November 2017.



The consultation for the Phase 2 Service Integration Tool has now commenced and will close at midday on Monday 20 November 2017. More information about this phase of the project can be found on our Tools page.

The core requirements of the product were captured through workshops held with a cross-section of UK fire and rescue services and are outlined in the specification attached below.


How to take part in the consultation

We very much welcome your views on the specification and your preferences for adopting the core Service Integration Tool product. Prior to submission, please ensure that all appropriate members of strategic management and ICT, policy and training departments have met to discuss the specification. We ask that a single response be sent per service via your key NOG implementation representative.  

When forming your response, please refer to the following documents:

When ready to respond, click here to complete the survey.


What happens after the consultation has closed?

All responses will be reviewed by the project team and any questions or concerns will be answered where possible.

To support the phased rollout of the product from March/April 2018, a sample of services that express interest in early adoption will be contacted to help test and launch the product. Further details will be shared in due course.


Thank you for taking the time to complete the consultation survey. Your views are important to us.