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Developed and maintained
by the NFCC

Strategic responsibilities

Fire and rescue authorities and strategic managers in fire and rescue services are responsible for ensuring their personnel are suitably trained and competent to undertake the roles identified in this guidance.

A service can achieve this by ensuring they have the following:

  • A breathing apparatus training policy (to meet the needs of their risk management plan)  clearly endorsed by strategic management stating that the fire and rescue authority will ensure they have suitable and sufficient arrangements to provide both the training and the assurance of competence for personnel undertaking the roles identified in this specification.
  • A clearly identified management structure, together with the roles and responsibilities, of staff responsible for delivering the policy.
  • Established minimum breathing apparatus training standards, the frequency of breathing apparatus training activity and assessment for the breathing apparatus related roles identified in this training specification.
  • Identified that breathing apparatus training, maintenance and assessment for the specified roles will be undertaken based on training needs analysis at a service and an individual level.
  • Clearly defined how the fire and rescue service will measure the effectiveness of the breathing apparatus training policy and identified how and when the fire and rescue service will audit and review the breathing apparatus training policy to ensure that it is current and enables continuous improvement based on local, regional and national developments.

This will ensure the fire and rescue service has established a systematic approach to breathing apparatus training encompassing the fire and rescue service health, safety and welfare framework.