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by the NFCC

Maintenance of breathing apparatus role-related competence

Each fire and rescue service should have an established maintenance of competence system that clearly identifies when and how an area of competence is to be maintained. This can be achieved through the use of both on and off station (local area/central training venue) continuation training. The training frequency identified by a fire and rescue service to maintain competence should take account of each individual’s ability to acquire and maintain skills and the fire and rescue authority’s risk profile to ensure their risk management plans are effectively delivered.

The learning outcomes identified in this training specification should be used by fire and rescue services to maintain the competence of their operational personnel.

Personnel delivering breathing apparatus training at station level may not be required to acquire and maintain all of the learning outcomes identified for a breathing apparatus trainer/instructor. The decision on which of the breathing apparatus instructor learning outcomes are selected depends on the fire and rescue service’s maintenance of breathing apparatus competence strategy and what breathing apparatus training will be delivered at station level. Some services discharge this through the use of watch/station based trainers/instructors, others through district/division breathing apparatus trainers/instructors that visit stations to deliver training.