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Control measure

Personal protective equipment


Knowledge and understanding

Control measure element Learning outcome

Personal protective equipment (PPE)


  • The types of PPE
  • The uses and limitations of role related PPE
  • PPE compatibility
  • PPE maintenance, cleaning and decontamination procedures
  • The relevant legislation regarding PPE

Practical application

Control measure element Learning outcome

Specify the level of PPE for hazards identified through risk assessment and communicate to personnel

Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Wear and use the appropriate level of PPE as defined by service risk assessments
  • Ensure that items of PPE are compatible with each other, and adequately control the risks when used together

Ensure the appropriate level of PPE is maintained throughout the incident based on an assessment of risk

Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Base any decision to downgrade the level of PPE on a risk assessment

Check the condition and serviceability of PPE when assessing operational readiness for redeployment

Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Check that PPE has been maintained in good working order and properly stored when not in use

Identify when dirt, contamination or damage may affect the performance of PPE

Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Ensure PPE is maintained as prescribed by service procedure
  • Recognise potential contamination of PPE and follow service procedures