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Control measure

Consider training and competence


Knowledge and understanding

Control measure element Learning outcome

Training and competence


  • The limits of exposure based on training and competence of personnel
  • What alternative resources are available including their capabilities and equipment
  • How to identify appropriate personnel for roles at incidents, based on their level of competence


Practical application

Control measure element Learning outcome

Consider the competence of individuals and teams when allocating tasks

Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Assess the requirements of tasks prior to allocating operational activities
  • Identify skills gaps prior to allocating operational activities
  • Assess the competence of and need for other agencies to perform tasks

Monitor the performance of personnel and where necessary modify plans to available competences

Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Limit the activities of personnel to roles for which they are competent

Consider the competence of other agencies operating under the safety management of the incident commander

Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Incorporate the competences provided by other agencies into the tactical plan

Be aware of the markings used to indicate competences within their own and neighbouring fire and rescue services

Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Identify the competences of personnel by markings or specialist PPE