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Importance of communications


  • The actions to be carried out when briefing personnel at wildfires
  • How the LACES safety protocol will be implemented and managed throughout the incident
  • The emergency evacuation procedure and evacuation signal
  • The situation, including information on:
    • Location and size of incident
    • Observed and predicted direction of firespread
    • The topography over which the fire is burning and any effects it may have on the fire
    • Fuel type, condition, arrangement and any changes
    • Weather forecast (short, medium term, if available)
    • Observed and predicted wildfire behaviour
  • The scene of operations and identify potential hazards and control measures to personnel
  • The tactical plan
  • Outline:
    • The role and task of team
    • The role and tasks of other teams
    • The location and tasking of crews or teams already deployed
  • How the team will operate and complete the task
  • Contingency plans
  • Information on logistical issues
  • Information on the command structure and communications