On the lead up to the website content freeze, we will be carrying out assurance checks of the website. Most of the work will mainly be the archiving of superseded content. The archiving function of the website has recently experienced errors in the coding which developers are working on to resolve. This has caused an impact on the search function and how we archive content.

We are using altenative methods to indicate that content has been archived. These methods will result in changes and affect some hyperlinks users may have saved in documents or spreadsheets and the search function of the website. Users may be presented with a message such as page not found, page not available or no results matched your search.

Should users come across these messages we recommend that users check the associated guidance for the equivalent, for example:

Hazard- Construction materials: Performing rescues, users with links for this may get “The requested page could not be found” this is due to being archived and hyperlink function disabled due to the content moving to the Hazard - Trapped casualty: Mode of transport.

Should users be presented with ‘ARCHIVED’ in the title they are to check the associated guidance for the equivalent, for example:

Control measure - ARCHIVED - Vaccinations, this control measure has been archived as the content has been moved to Control measure - Manage the risk from infectious diseases.

We appreciate that this can be frustrating but please understand we are continually working with developers to improve the site.

Should you have any questions please email firecpo@nationafirechiefs.org.uk